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Our aim is to have periodical newsletters available on our website to give our staff and patrons an insight to who we are and what’s been happening. We’ve had a busy term 3, with some new contracts won.  These contracts are:

  • Coromandel Valley Primary School
  • Hallett Cove East Primary School
  • Freeling Primary School
  • Hackham South Primary School
  • Ridgehaven Primary School
  • Port Pirie West Primary School
  • John Pirie Secondary School

 We'd like to thank all of our staff who have worked hard to win us these contracts. 

Managing Directors Message

The last quarter of trading has been specifically successful, with the company showing dramatic growth, specifically in the education (Schools) and defence (Garrison Support Contract) areas.

Much of this success and growth can be attributed to our hard working teams, throughout the State. We ask that you continue to deliver the service our clients demand and endeavour to maintain the pleasant and friendly attitudes we are renowned for.

Special mention should be made of our RAAF Base management and staff, who have had direct involvement in the company’s expansion in the defence area.

Keep up the good work!

Brandon Petty
Managing Director

A Safety Message from HSE Manager

Proper Use of Wet Floor Signs

Customer safety is very important. Using wet floor signs properly when you perform wet maintenance such as mopping or cleaning up a spill will help prevent accidents from occurring.

Wet floor signs should:

  • Be placed in position before you commence mopping
  • Be placed where they can be easily seen
  • Cover or block the areas you are concerned about or working on
  • Be easily accessible

Block off access to areas where the floors are being mopped or any wet areas. Avoid creating or leaving wet floor conditions. Place wet floor signs if a wet floor condition exists, especially at the entrance. When the area is completely dry and is no longer a hazard, remove the wet floor signs.

HSE MANAGER: Stephen Lemon

Remember: Workplace Injuries Don't Stay at Work, They come home with YOU!!!

Meet the Managers

Margie Kidd is our longest serving manager.  She has been with Southern Cross Cleaning since 1987.  Margie looks after our southern, south-eastern, and some country sites.

She grew up in the Seacliff area, and started working at age 15.  She is now happily married with two adult children, and a extremely proud granny of 4 beautiful grandchildren.  She has two dogs which bring her great joy.

Margie started with our company as a cleaner herself and has worked her way up to become our longest serving staff member being with the company through many changes and growth for 21 years.  Her hard work and dedication to Southern Cross Cleaning are appreciated and she is a loved and respected employee and manager.

Handy Hints

This month’s handy hint is about indoor plants.

INDOOR PLANT CARE - To refresh a favourite plant simply re-pot into a larger container using a good quality potting mix. But remember, most indoor plants die from over fertilising and lack of sunlight. So use a nine-month slow release fertiliser and make sure plants receive lots of indirect natural light.

Remember if you have a handy hint I’d love to hear from you, please email me at

Quote of the Month

"Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation."

Brian Tracy

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