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Issue 01 | 2009

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Happy New Year!!!

It seems to me that each year goes faster than the last.  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a good New Year.

As we start 2009 I hope it doesn't go quite so fast as 2008 did for me; and as opportunities  come your way I hope you are able to take advantage of them and fulfill your dreams for this year.

And as always please feel free to email me with any suggestions you have or if you don't have access to email please post me your ideas, I love receiving them.

Thank you.


Happy Birthday
This month we'd like to wish the following staff a very happy birthday

♦ Vera Anicic

♦ Judith Armstrong

♦ Jillian Attle

♦ Sandra Battle

♦ Douglas Bensch

♦ Marion Bernhardt

♦ Sandra Brennan

♦ Antonia Carnal

♦ Wilhelmina Cheel

♦ Mary Davies

♦ Sam Dawson

♦ Sharie Finch

♦ David Gill

♦ Moira Hurley

♦ Matthew Judd

♦ Bozena Kolar

♦ Robert Langridge

♦ Marilyn Lee

♦ Sun Lei

♦ Beverley Leonard

♦ Jason Linde

♦ Jun (Julian) Liu

♦ Kathleen May

♦ Christos Minos

♦ Martin Morrow

♦ Rita Nayda

♦ Isaac Lekelalu

♦ Dianne Parker

♦ John Payne

♦ Tammy Perkins

♦ Suzanne Richard

♦ Liz Rigda

♦ Barbara Robinson

♦ Margaret McGuire

♦ Yuzhe (Eric) Zhang

♦ Barbara Robinson

♦ Nicole Rowbottom

♦ Linda Salter

♦ Roberta Sassi

♦ Anke Schrapel

♦ Dianne Connaughton

♦ Sarah Martin

♦ Loida Silorio

♦ Dianne Simpson

♦ Herbert Skilwa

♦ Sultana Syeda

♦ Heather Taylor

♦ Toni Thomas

♦ Rachel Thompson

♦ Douglas Wilson

♦ Kathy Wylie

♦ Ezio Forgione

♦ Jennifer Appleton

Quote of the Month

“Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each new year find you a better man.”

Benjamin Franklin

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