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Hi All,

I'm sure you are all really busy now with Christmas creeping up; to me it always seems that once the pageant has been, it's Christmas before you know it.  

Next month to be a little festive, I'd like some favourite Christmas recipes, table decoration tips or general holiday ideas from our staff to publish in our newsletter.  So please send me an email with your ideas and I'll publish it in the December newsletter.

And as always please feel free to email me with any suggestions you have or if you don't have access to email please post me your ideas, I love receiving them.

Thank you.


Managing Directors Message

We enter an extremely busy time, as we begin transition phases of various new contracts.  Dedication, commitment and understanding, from all involved, will be required if smooth transitioning is to be achieved.

I take this opportunity to welcome all our new staff, with the hope of establishing long and pleasant working relationships. I am confident that your career with Southern Cross Cleaning will be a happy one.

Keep up the good work!

Brandon Petty
Managing Director

A Safety Message from HSE Manager

Fire Risk Filling Portable Fuel Containers

Recently, a person was observed filling a portable fuel container from a fuel bowser at Northpoint Toyota with the container situated on the tray of the ute.  


Serious incidents have occurred where static electricity has ignited fuel vapours during the filling of containers or jerry cans.

The risk of static electricity is higher when a fuel container is filled when in the back of a ute / truck / trailer or inside a vehicle than filling a container placed on the ground.

When filling containers, ALWAYS place the container on the ground.  Containers should NEVER be filled while still on the tray of a ute or truck, in a vehicle or on a trailer.

In addition, the following precautions should be taken:

  • Fill only AS2906 approved metal and plastic containers;
  • Ensure the nozzle maintains in contact with the container at all times during filling operations;
  • Fill containers slowly to reduce the risk of static build-up;
  • Never use a plastic funnel to fill a portable fuel container.

And remember, always use good manual handling practices when lifting, carrying or manoeuvring containers which may be heavy.

HSE MANAGER: Stephen Lemon

Remember: Workplace Injuries Don't Stay at Work, They come home with YOU!!!

Meet the Managers

Carol Morris is our newest manager.  She has been with Southern Cross Cleaning just over 1 year.  Carol looks after a large area comprising of sites located throughout the metropolitan area.

Carol has had her own cleaning business for seven years; in total she has 4½ years experience as an area manager within the cleaning industry. 

Her interests are music; interior decorating, travel and looking after her son and pet Labradors. Her beliefs in life and the workforce are to treat all people with respect and fairness as she in return likes to be treated.

Handy Hints

As the warmer weather is now upon us, I thought that a handy hint about BBQ's would be helpful.


  1. Clean Barbecue plates whilst still hot by sprinkling a handful of salt on and leaving until the plate cools.
  2. Wipe off when cooled with wads of paper towel.

Remember if you have a handy hint I’d love to hear from you, please email me at

Employee of the Month

This is a new section we’ve added to recognise a particular employee that has gone above and beyond to help the company within the last month. 

This month we'd like to announce that the Employee of the Month is Susan Hanford .

Susan is one of our newer employees who works at Christie Downs Primary School.

Happy Birthday
This month we'd like to wish the following staff a very happy birthday

♦  Angelina Aliberti

♦  Lynette Ayres

♦  Angeli Boyland

♦  Shane Curnow

♦  Jodie Davidson

♦  Lynnette Felstead

♦  Gail Flaus

♦  Susan Fulton

♦  Karen Huckstepp

♦  Stacy-Marie Johansen

♦  Paul Kittel

♦  Angela Knight

♦  Karen Leal

♦  Brian Lohmann

♦  Chuan (Gavin) Lu

♦  Jennifer McKeon

♦  Lynne Michie

♦  Miroslawa Pikul

♦  Sandra Puddy

♦  Michelle Reynolds

♦  Maria Schmoelz

♦  Carolien Schmoelz

♦  Khurshida (Anna) Shabnam

♦  Pam Shannon

♦  Suraj Sharma

♦  Natasha Shaw

♦  Barbara Simpson

♦  Pauline Smith

♦  Diane Symonds

♦  Susan Thiele

♦  Goran Trubarac

♦  Vicki Tuck

♦  Judy Vivian

♦  Carolyn White

♦  Pauline Wiese

♦  Susan Wilkinson

♦  Graeme Willis

Quote of the Month

“The way we work may be a mystery to you. Making honey takes a lot of bees doing a lot of small jobs. But let me tell you something about a small job. If you do it really well, it makes a big difference. More than we realized. To us, to everyone….”

Barry B. Benson, Bee Movie

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