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Thorough Pressure Cleaning Services in Adelaide

Sometimes, the only way to get a good and thorough clean is with pressure cleaning.
This method of cleaning is highly efficient when it comes to removing loose paint, mould, dust, mud and dirt from hard surfaces such as buildings, concrete surfaces and vehicles.
Here at Southern Cross Cleaning Pty Ltd, we offer efficient pressure cleaning services to ensure your property looks its best.

Commercial & Industrial Pressure Cleaning

Our experienced and efficient staff can deliver the most efficient pressure cleaning service to your establishment, removing years of built-up dirt and grime to any surface returning it to its original state.

We can clean:

  • Driveways
  • Hard stands
  • Walk ways
  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Walls
  • Roofs
  • Sports surfaces

Domestic Pressure Cleaning

Our experienced staff can remove years of built-up dirt and grime on any establishment, ensuring your home looks like new.

Pressure cleaning can be performed on a range of surfaces at home including:

  • Driveways
  • Hard stands
  • Walkways
  • Walls
  • Weatherboards / Vinyl Cladding
  • Gutters & Roofs
  • Solar panels
  • Bricks & Concrete
  • Decking
  • Patios & Verandahs
Man pressure cleaning a driveway in Adelaide

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