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Commitment to Staff

Staff Consultation Website

Staff consultation is a key to our success. The consultation website provides staff with information updates on changes to be aware of, such as new or revised policies, procedures, work instructions or training. It’s a place to learn, reading articles that promote a safe and rewarding workplace. Staff can catch-up on what’s new in our work community and the social news from the different work locations. It is also a place staff can ask questions, make comments or feedback and receive answers from managers that can best assist.


Equal Opportunity Policy

The management of The SCC Group (SCC) recognises that it has a legal responsibility under the relevant Equal Opportunity Act and Regulations in each State and Territory in preventing discrimination happening in our workplace.

We place a high priority in eliminating any discrimination or harassment when employing new staff or staff currently employed by SCC. We understand that everybody has a right to be treated fairly regardless of irrelevant personal characteristics. All workers are made aware of their responsibilities as employees before commencing work and that Equal Opportunity has a high priority as a part of our management system.

Domestic Violence Policy

“SCC recognises that any worker can be amongst those affected by domestic violence. SCC is committed to developing a workplace culture in which there is zero tolerance to domestic and family violence, and which recognises that the responsibility for domestic violence lies with the perpetrator.

SCC has a ‘zero tolerance’ position on domestic and family violence and is committed to ensuring that any worker who is the victim of domestic violence has the right to raise the issue with the organisation in the knowledge that they will receive appropriate support and assistance.”

Drug and Alcohol Policy

SCC aims to ensure the health, safety and well-being of all company’s workers; clients, service providers and visitors are always protected. All workers have the right to attend to their duties without risk of injury; therefore, SCC has a zero-tolerance approach to drugs and alcohol at the workplace. It is the nature of drugs and alcohol to distort perceptions and create impairment of what is really occurring. As this is the case workers under the influence of drugs and alcohol not only increase the risk to themselves but other workers, clients and members of the public.

Return to Work Policy

SCC recognises that there are substantial benefits to be gained from rehabilitation and return to work principles and practices and is committed to implementing them within all business areas. SCC recognises all State and Territory Workers Compensation/Return to Work Acts and Regulations and that they provide the legislative support for workplace rehabilitation activities.

Experience has shown that workplace rehabilitation assists the healing process and helps restore the worker’s normal function sooner. Workplace rehabilitation includes early provision of timely and adequate services, including suitable duties programs, and aims to: -

  • Maintain injured or ill workers at work or

  • Ensure the worker’s earliest possible return to work or

  • Maximise the worker’s independent functioning and

  • Provide for durable employment.

Risk Management Policy

At SCC we recognise that rigorous risk management is critical for supporting the building of a sustainable business and improving stakeholder confidence. SCC’s approach incorporates the principles of effective risk management as set out in the Global Risk Management Standard ISO31000. SCC applies the internationally recognised quality management standard ISO 9001:2015 as a model in meeting all statutory and regulatory requirements.

WHS Policy

SCC is committed to the pursuit of a Zero Harm Vision; where injuries do occur, there is a commitment to 100% Return to Work. This vision for a safe workplace where every injury is preventable supports the objectives of building a workplace where it is safe to work. To achieve this, management is committed to providing all appropriate resources, necessary tools and procedures to facilitate the success of this business objective.

Bullying and Harassment Policy

The management of SCC is committed to providing a professional work environment free from workplace bullying, harassment or discrimination. Whilst SCC is concerned to ensure that harassment, discrimination and workplace bullying does not occur but, in the event it does, appropriate action will be taken quickly.

Employees of SCC must not engage in harassing, discriminatory or bullying behaviour towards another employee; clients or a member of the public with whom they have contact in the course of their employment.

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